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About Guilford Property Group

With over 30 years of experience in almost every aspect of real estate, Guilford Property Group owner Gregg Guilford knows what is required at each stage of the buying and selling cycles. 

At GPG, we pride ourselves in being client-oriented. Too often do we see brokers who put their own agenda above their clients’ goals. We aim to get to know our clients on a personal level in order to understand exactly what they are looking for and to ensure that our plans are align with their vision.

Our services include brokerage services, investment sales, tenant advisory services and operational consulting. Whether you have been in business for decades or you are just starting out, we can help you navigate through market research, contracts, renewals, workspace flow and more.

We look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you to GPG!


Brokerage Services

We want to go beyond just buying and selling spaces. Our brokerage services include marketing intelligence, marketing tools and consulting in order to set you apart from the competition. Our strategic guidance is made to fit every type of client that we work with.

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Investment Sales

This is your future, nothing to be taken lightly. Through taking the time to understand your business, your goals will be defined, the options explained and right property found to maximize your returns.  We help you place your money where we would place our own.

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Design Consulting

Where is the front door? Maybe it is where the back door should be. What works for your firm may not work for another firm. Spending time to analyze with you the elements that will make your workflow more efficient is what we do before we ever look at the first space.

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Tenant Advisory

There is so much more to relocating or starting a business than just signing a lease. We pride ourselves on first and foremost learning to understand your business: how it works, its needs and more than anything, we consider how to make it work better using the physical space.

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